Bio For Terry Rees


"Gratitude & Faith alone brought me here" 

Terry Rees - 2017

Since the age of 11, he had the entrepreneurial bug. By the time he was 17, he had his first registered business, a DJ service. He continued on as a professional wedding DJ throughout the 80's up to this day. By the time the turn of the century came, he began to foray into event creation, production and management on a part time basis until he made his first independent trade show in 2005. In 2011 he took a 4 year hiatus away from the trade show culture until 2015 when he again decided to return to event production with a whole new plan. Today, in 2017, he is set to bring his lifelong vision and dream to his community of Windsor-Essex County.

A personal note from Terry Rees

Hey there everyone. I'm Terry, the creator of Go Event Productions. I was born in 1966 and grew up in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I was blessed with having great parents and remember a good childhood and good friends. As I spent an honest portion of my life working for the man, I always felt that there was something else that I was meant for. I always had and enjoyed my DJ business, but still I felt like there was more. In 2009, I met my now wife Shelley(she is my favorite superhero, by the way) and by 2010, moved from Sudbury to my new home and family in Amherstburg. As the local economy in Windsor-Essex was experiencing challenges at that time, I wound up moving away from event production to work in Alberta for four years while travelling back and fourth between provinces until early 2015 when the oilfield economy crashed. By the fall of 2015, just before my 48th birthday, and quite bummed out from being without a good job, my son had asked me if I had ever seen a documentary called "The Secret" on Netflix about a phenomenon known as the Law of Attraction. After watching the program once, I found it fascinating, so with a pen and paper, I watched it again and decided to take notes. The one thing that became my motto after that was to live a life giving honest, sincere gratitude. In the fall of 2016, I had what seemed to be one epiphany after another and began to create an all new plan to design awesome trade shows, conventions and entertainment events like I had done in Sudbury, but uniquely and vastly better than before. I headed west to Alberta once again to my old job for 5 months to work and play catch up on finances in October 2016. While I was out there, I spent every free moment of time learning social media marketing through online courses to help leverage, build and promote my event ambitions for when I was to return home in April 2017. It's been an amazing 2017 so far.

From that moment in 2015 to now, here I am almost two years later and I feel I've discovered my true, unique gift. The road I've walked in that short time  has led me to many amazing people such as Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Wallace Wattles and numerous others who have all been an instrumental influence on my path to discovery which has brought me to this point. I've learned that truthful, good and honest gratitude has become the catalyst by which an uncanny and amazing flow of thoughts, ideas, creations and people enter my life at the times when I need them to.

Thank you for checking out my bio. Cheers and kindest regards.

"I am grateful for absolutely everything I am and everything I have".