Food & Love

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One of our true purposes at Go Events is to help our local food banks right here in Windsor-Essex County. Have you ever had worries about where your next meal comes from? Have you ever tried going to bed hungry? It's a terrible feeling to be worried about food. Children can't learn properly, adults have difficulties making proper choices and positive opportunities are often more difficult to attain if ones main focus is on hunger and empty cupboards. I created the Food & Love cause as a key challenge & core value by which Go Event Productions exists. Our philosophy is: "If we are going to do business in Windsor-Essex, we are going to give back". Food & Love is our brand that represents accountability to our local community. Each time you attend a Go Event, you are helping all of our local food banks in Windsor-Essex County. Our mission is to provide and donate 25 tonnes of food to local Windsor-Essex County food banks. Together, WE Can do this. Thank you