Trade Show Success.. Go Style.

Introducing the Trade Show. The Social Interactive marketing sales advantage. Sunday morning church, a rock concert, a yoga class, a trade show all have similar commonalities, they are all events. 150 years ago, events were town hall meetings and the county fair. In this blog, I'm going to create a new(ish) term from something very old, and that is the term Social Interactivity or Social Interactive. We act in a social interactive way every day. We talk to one another face to face every day. Whether it's bumping into a friend while shopping in a grocery store, a group of friends at dinner, a car salesman at the new car lot or a blind date. Person to person, face to face social interactivity is the fundamental core of human nature. There is no technology that exists that can replace a smile, a handshake or the power of direct, one on one talk.

Trade Shows Can..

I love trade shows. The social interactive value, the energy, the connection they create between business owners and the public are of a dual purpose. Trade shows and expo events designed as a specific theme attract like minded general public spectators who are more likely to develop a "learning/purchase" relationship because of the social interactive factor than say the broad focus of a shopping mall where the focus is more based upon just a "purchase" relationship. Trade shows are the very essence of the term social interactive. The Social Media & Social Interactive Harmony. I hope the above title caught your eye. No entrepreneur ever, created their product or service for any negative purpose. Henry Ford didn't create the affordable automobile to make people poorer, but rather to advance everyone. Same goes with Edison with the light bulb, the Wright brothers with flight, Steve Jobs with the iPhone, and lastly, Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like were all created with the intent to enrich and advance every aspect of what we do in life. We communicate and connect even closer than before with social media in a positive way. The true intent was never to promote fake news, spam, or scams. Today, trade shows and every other type of event can only benefit from social media when properly executed. Only naysayers, and the negative public have published articles to the contrary because they only think in terms of competition rather than creation. Social media is a tool that facilitates social interaction, period.  

Quantity vs Quality

Sales leads, quotas, analytics, metrics, social selling, faster, more, deadlines, cold calling.. Yup, I get it.. numbers and performance. I am intrigued to no end with sales, sales trends and all of the amazing software and online sales tools available. I love to learn and utilize the latest online trends and believe in the newest innovations in sales and marketing processes, but I also know that nothing is more important than believing in your business, your product or service. Truthfully, if I don't believe in it, I can't sell it.. Neither can most professional sales people. The same goes with the process of social interaction. To promote your business, sell your dream product or that perfect service, I personally believe in the power of a face to face smile and a handshake. It's genuine, sincere and real to me. It builds longer lasting relationships between a client and salesperson. I, like you, love to be around people, and when you realize that there is substantially more value in a long term relationship in sales than one without social interaction, the more value you will see in investing your business and time in a trade show event.

Terry Rees