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Proud-local ticket vendor for all Go events.

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Go Event Tickets 

ShopSizzle. Shop Local Fairs

Sunday, Nov 17th, 2019.

Click here for tickets today. Call 519-792-3598

Career Source. Career & Job Fairs

Monday, November 18th, 2019.

Admission is FREE! Call 519-792-3598

Windsor-Essex Professional Business Info-Fair

Coming Soon. Call 519-792 3598

Windsor-Essex Business Scene

Coming Soon. Call 519-792-3598

Windsor-Essex Women's Expo

Returning Soon. Call 519-792 3598

Our cause

Food & Love

Was created to address the concern of food shortages and other immediate needs in our community. It's difficult to think, act or make positive choices if one is hungry, or concerned about hunger. Food & Love is an integral "Core Value' woven into the Go Event Productions business plan.

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