The Go Mission

An Ode to Gratitude.

We sincerely believe in the power of people. Our mission is to create the very best social interactive events we can to help promote Windsor-Essex Counties local businesses while providing fun, uniquely entertaining shopping, learning and creative experiences to everyone. The goal is to assure that everyone who attends our events gets vastly more value for their money than invested. And finally, to provide everyone who attends with an immersive, fulfilling, rich and rewarding experience.

The Go Vision

To become the very best.

Our vision is to leverage today's modern digital knowledge to develop a robust socially interactive culture resulting in harmonious community relations & superior economic growth of our community. To build the highest quality business promotional events, business to consumer, business to business networking opportunities, contributors to the betterment of our community, creators of fun, dynamic, educational & entertaining event programs for everyone here in Windsor-Essex County.

The Go Values

Truth. Quality. Value. Integrity.

Our core values are based upon the people we choose to serve and the world we live in. Our commitment is to the truth in all aspects of company operations, to continuously improve value and performance. To provide ethical, fair and equal treatment for everyone. To provide accountability, transparency to the public and to all environmental responsibilities.