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Sunday, November 17th 2019.

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General Public Information.

ShopSizzle Shop Local Fairs. Fun. Elevated.

Welcome to the all-new ShopSizzle Shop Local Fairs. Totally fun. Totally you. Totally local.

60 local, new & established vendors gather at the WFCU Centre's Colavino Hall on Sunday, November 17th, 2019.

Demonstrations* Samples* Prizes* Music*& More!

Convenient, extended, single-day event from 10 am to 4 pm.

$5.00 admission. Tickets available here. Tickets are also available through ShopSizzle’s participating merchants. All monies from Go Events door admission proceeds goes towards local food banks & educational charities.

More than just a market, ShopSizzle is designed to deliver a quality "boutique-level" shopping experience to elevate local businesses and to develop a deeper level of connection between people in Windsor/Essex County.

ShopSizzle Exhibitors

Coming Soon. Check back regularly.

Eco. Friendly.

Two words to describe why attending events is a great thing to do.

Events are quite the “Eco-Green” idea. How much of your time, money, vehicle wear & tear would it take to visit 40, 50, 60 or more businesses or people to shop for what you want if they are established miles apart from each other? We are sure you agree.. One stop shopping is a great idea.

People like to be around people. Being friendly and social is a big part of society. It has been since the beginning. Another great reason why shopping or networking events are ideal for everyone. This is one of the big reasons why Go Events does what it does.

Merchant Information.

Held in Windsor. For all of Southwestern Ontario.

ShopSizzle Shop Local Fairs represents a new level of elevated event experiences for both the public and the business owner to facilitate deeper relationships. Premium quality of presentation is our key focus from Go Event Productions.

ShopSizzle Shop Local Fairs was designed to tackle a big issue that plagues many business owners. In a single word, "momentum". It's difficult enough to make the decision to become an independent business owner. Sporadic exposure of your business to the public without adequate momentum can actually damage your long term chances of success. Our program was designed to promote consistency and momentum to help build better branding.

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Calling is easy. Terry is friendly & helpful.

The Why.

Food & Love

Was created to address the concern of food shortages and other immediate needs in our community. It's difficult to think, act or make positive choices if one is hungry, or concerned about hunger. Food & Love is an integral "Core Value" woven into the Go Event Productions business plan. Please help. Bring a non perishable food item as admission to the these events. WE can do this!

Contact Terry for more information.

Contact Terry for more information.