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Welcome to the Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo. Consumers in Windsor-Essex understand the importance of social interaction. Local consumers also love to see new and exciting businesses come to light. A hand shake and a smile more now than ever are the cornerstones of good business. Today, with the advent of digital social media, we have more opportunities to meet new people. Our ever improving technology was designed to create and enhance more social interaction opportunities. The Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo is a weekly event conceived to strengthen our local economy and to connect people with entrepreneurs. The possibilities are truly endless. The WE-CCE was created by Go Event Productions & sponsored by BigBeats DJ Services.

The Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo is a 3 hour business to consumer(B2C) version of the Windsor-Essex Business Connect Expo. The WE-CCE is the "Companion" follow-up event, happening immediately & seamlessly after the WE-BCE. Not only was it created for the vendors & public to enjoy the mutual benefits of an awesome exhibition experience, but it is also a value added event for both the exhibitors of the Windsor-Essex Business Connect Expo and the general public. You won't find a typical $5, $10 or higher admission cost at this expo. Go Events won't make any profit upon entry because tickets are simply not for sale to attend this event. 

The cost of admission to attend the Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo for adults over the age of 17 is either a donated single, non perishable food item to help all local food banks in Windsor-Essex or a $2 monetary donation to be disbursed, in its entirety, to a chosen local food bank.

Why Weekly? The Weekly Business to Consumer Expo Concept.

The Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo was created to tackle the single purpose of developing awareness by creating social interaction opportunities between new, obscure and existing businesses with the local community. Our weekly program was designed to promote consistency and momentum to help build better, educational community experiences for the public & branding for our businesses.

Discover. Connect.

We all love to discover, learn & experience new things. It is our ambition to create new & fresh experiences for the community every time out.

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The WE-BCE + WE-CCE Core Strategy

Ideal for both new and established entrepreneurs alike, these back-to-back events allow for a seamless networking transition experience from a B2B to a B2C environment smoothly & at no additional charge to the exhibitors already in attendance.

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WE-CCE & WE-BCE. What's the Connection?

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Connected by timelines, both of these events occur on the same day, yet are both developed for distinctly different outcomes. The Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo is the sequel "companion" event to the Windsor-Essex Business Connect Expo. 

Helping our Community.

Our goal at Go Event Productions is to not only deliver significantly more Return On Investment (ROI) value to every business owner who attends both the WE-BCE & WE-CCE, but to also contribute back to our community. Our follow-up event, the Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo will be collecting non-perishable food items for local Windsor-Essex food banks.

How Does WE-CCE Work? At a Glance Information.

The Windsor-Essex Consumer Connect Expo is a value-added event designed solely for the participants of the Windsor-Essex Business Connect Expo

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Our cause

Food & Love

Was created to address the concern of food shortages and other immediate needs in our community. It's difficult to think, act or make positive choices if one is hungry, or concerned about hunger. Food & Love is an integral "Core Value' woven into the Go Event Productions business plan.

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