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Women's Expo 2018

Ladies and..

     Well, really just the ladies. 

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Welcome to the Windsor-Essex Women's Expo.

A tribute to Canadian women right here in Windsor-Essex County. Go Event Productions welcomes summer with our all new Windsor-Essex  Women's Expo. A celebration of strength, leadership, power and energy. Canadian women today are more prominent in society than ever. It was an easy and exciting decision for Go Events to create this fun daring consumer show. This event will focus on these several core themes that define women's culture.

  • Health & Wellness

  • Entrepreneurship & Careers

  • Education & Information

  • Home, Garden, Leisure, Travel

  • Food, Beverage & Entertainment

  • Beauty & Fashion

  • Demonstrations

  • Samples

  • Prizes

- Now a 2 day, Saturday & Sunday event. 11 pm to 5 pm

- Online, weekend pass tickets are only $8 and are on sale now through SnapdWindsor.

- Day of (at the door) event admission:

  • Saturday & Sunday: $12 per adult, $4 per senior over 55.

  • Saturday only: $6 per adult, $2 per senior over 55.

  • Sunday only: $6 per adult, $2 per senior over 55.

Vendor lineup here:

Check out the events happening at the WE Women’s Expo.


12:30 - Success coach Jaques Berge keynote.

2:30 - Children’s dance demonstration with: The Performance Team

4:15 - Life coach Renee Burns keynote.


12:30 - Success Coach Jaques Berge keynote.

4:15 - Life Coach Renee Burns Keynote.

WE Women's Expo Sponsors

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Your Personal Why's

It's all about getting out there and having funPeriod!

Time is everything. The WE Women's Expo was designed around many ideals. Date and timing was a core consideration and motive behind developing this event. Creating an event that exhibits over 50 businesses over a 6 hour time frame represents excellent value in time management. 

Eco Friendly. Commuting from one end to the other of southern Ontario to visit over 50 businesses separately is expensive. Saving on fuel and vehicle wear is a major concern today. 

Big Possibilities. Discovering a new product or a new and amazing opportunity could be right in front of you. 

Atmosphere. There is massive amounts of energy, enthusiasm and excitement in the air in public/business networking trade show events.

The Bad News. The fun is always over too soon.!


At Go Events, our personal "why" is about giving. Our mission is to help local food banks.


Innovative and Fun.

Expect a lot of energy when you network and meet people with the same entrepreneurial ambitions as you. Make sure to bring your smile, your voice, your experience and your business cards.

Questions Lead to Reasons

- Is your business where you want it to be?

- Would you rather cold call? or network face to face?

- How are you preparing to grow?

- Does the idea of networking excite you?

- What are your plans to make peer to peer networking a part of your business?

- What does your business offer other

- What does your business offer the consumer?

- Do you want to brand your business more
powerfully than just your logo? How do you plan to do that?

- Are you ready to move your business to a
higher level?

- How do you plan to do that?

- Do you like to learn, teach & share ideas? 

The Go Family of Events

We should talk.

The Why

Food & Love

Was created to address the concern of food shortages and other immediate needs in our community. It's difficult to think, act or make positive choices if one is hungry, or concerned about hunger. Food & Love is an integral "Core Value' woven into the Go Event Productions business plan. We're on a mission to donate 25 tonnes of food per year to our local food banks. Please help. Bring a non perishable food item as admission to the these events. WE can do this!


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