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Welcome to the Windsor-Essex Professional Business Exhibition. Business owners in Windsor-Essex understand the importance of social interaction. A hand shake and a smile more now than ever are the cornerstones of good business. Today, with the advent of digital social media, we have more opportunities for growth, and our ever improving technology was designed to create and enhance more social interaction opportunities. The Windsor-Essex Professional Business Exhibition is a weekly event conceived to strengthen our local economy and to give a voice to both obscure start-up businesses, to incubate and nurture warm, live leads, to eliminate cold calling and to give opportunities for enduring professionals to meet and mentor the new faces of entrepreneurship. The possibilities are truly endless. The WE-PBX was created by Go Event Productions & sponsored by BigBeats DJ Services.

The Weekly Business to Business Expo.

The Windsor-Essex Professional Business Exhibition was designed to tackle a big issue that plagues many business owners. In a single word, "momentum". It's difficult enough to make the decision to become an independent business owner. Sporadic exposure of your business to the public without adequate momentum can actually damage your long term chances of success. Our program was designed to promote consistency and momentum to help build better branding.

Innovative and Fun.

Expect a lot of energy when you network and meet people with the same entrepreneurial ambitions as you. Make sure to bring your smile, your voice, your experience and your business cards.

Questions Lead to Reasons

- Is your business where you want it to be?

- Would you rather cold call? or network face to face?

- How are you preparing to grow?

- Does the idea of networking excite you?

- What are your plans to make peer to peer networking a part of your business?

- What does your business offer other

- What does your business offer the consumer?

- Do you want to brand your business more
powerfully than just your logo? How do you plan to do that?

- Are you ready to move your business to a
higher level?

- How do you plan to do that?

- Do you like to learn, teach & share ideas? 

WE-PBX & WE-PBS. What's the Connection?

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The WE-PBX to WE-PBS Core Strategy

Ideal for both new and established entrepreneurs alike, these back-to-back events allow for a seamless networking transition experience from a B2B to a B2C environment smoothly & at no additional charge to the exhibitors already in attendance.

Connected by timelines, both of these events occur on the same day in tandem, yet are both developed for distinctly different outcomes. The Windsor-Essex Professional Business Exhibition is the prequel "companion" event to the Windsor-Essex Professional Business Showcase.

Helping our Community.

Our goal at Go Event Productions is to not only deliver significantly more Return On Investment (ROI) value to every business owner who attends both the WE-PBX & WE-PBS, but to also contribute back to our community. Our follow-up event, the Windsor-Essex Professional Business Showcase will be collecting non-perishable food items for local Windsor-Essex food banks.

WE-PBX & WE-PBS Vendors & Event Dates: Stay Tuned

How Does WE-PBX Work? At a Glance Information.

The Windsor-Essex Professional Business Exhibition is a 3 hour, weekly, business to business (B2B) event. There are now 4 levels of participation. Tickets and exhibit space are limited.

1) Vendors. Solo-preneur business owners can bring their business cards and network with any & all other on-foot or exhibiting business owners. It's that simple. Admission per vendor is specially priced from $20 and are available online at  Admission is $30 at the door. 

2) Exhibiting. Business owners can bring themselves +1 assistant during event hours. Exhibiting business owners also have the opportunity to retail products within their purchased space.

- 8 x 5 exhibit spaces are currently offered at an introductory price of $49 for 2018. 

- 16 x 5 exhibit spaces are currently offered at an introductory price of $95 for 2018.

Contact Terry at 519-792-3598 today for your opportunity to grow.

The Go Family of Events

We should talk.

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Our Why

Food & Love

Was created to address the concern of food shortages and other immediate needs in our community. It's difficult to think, act or make positive choices if one is hungry, or concerned about hunger. Food & Love is an integral "Core Value' woven into the Go Event Productions business plan. We're on a mission to donate 25 tonnes of food per year to our local food banks. Please help. Bring a non perishable food item as admission to the these events. WE can do this!

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